Lucas TVS Starter & Alternator

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Lucas Starter & Alternator

We are dedicated to providing high-quality Lucas Starter and Alternator to our valued customers. We Are Supplier & Wholesaler. Lucas Brand starters and alternators are available at the most competitive pricing. It is well-liked by our clients, who are spread across the country. We sell all kinds of single and three-phase industrial alternators in the range of 5-82 Kva with 100% copper wiring.

Nextgen is a prominent Supplier and provider of Lucas-TVS Brand single-phase and three-phase alternators, industrial alternators, generator alternators, and other products. All of the products on offer are created with high-quality materials and cutting-edge machinery. Our customers love these products because of their great finish, superb strength, simple design, high quality, and lightweight.

Our team of experienced employees, all of whom have extensive industry experience in their respective fields of business operations, is a good contributor to us. We are able to provide our clients with the highest level of happiness because of their unconditional support.

What Helped Us Stand Out From The Crowd?

Nextgen is the largest Automotive System Supplier in India. With years of professional experience supplying and dealing with Lucas Starters and Alternators, they know what they're doing. Nextgen has a solid name in the industry for producing high-quality Lucas Starters and Alternators. We have a pan-India presence and caters to a large client base across the country, concentrating on a customer-centric strategy. We also sell Auto Starter Systems wholesale.

The main features of Alternators are they are High-efficiency and low-CO2 emissions.

Some of the best feature of Lucas starter & alternator are:

  • Internal fan for improved cooling.
  • Multi-function controller system
  • High-temperature diode
  • Solderless electrical joints – Resistance
  • Welding for increased dependability
  • Rectifier with high-capacity load dump