AXLE HUB (87542214)

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New Holland tractors

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Product Description

One of the most important tractor part components are the axle hubs and carriers. These are the parts that help keep your tractor rolling and take on the load of the tractor.  Carriers provide the foundation for wheel and tire movement.  A carrier usually starts as a bearing and axle holder mounted to the chassis suspension, giving a mount point for the vehicles tire/wheel combination.  The hub carrier allows the wheel to keep spinning freely on the bearing whilst keeping your tires attached.

Swivel housing is also known as a wheel hub assembly (WHA), hub assembly, wheel hub unit, wheel hub bearing.  The axle hub or swivel housing is an automotive part used in most tractors, agricultural vehicles, and light and heavy trucks.  Wheel hub assemblies are a combination of parts that connect the vehicle to the tire.  The hub assembly should be kept lubricated to reduce friction from the wheel bearing.


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